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Today’s focus on data security often centers on the digital side, such as protecting user records from hackers or keeping online information safe and secure. However, the physical server racks that store this data are often placed in an unmonitored server room, leaving them vulnerable to tampering.

What is Rack Armor?

Rack Armor from IDenticard is an innovative, award-winning security solution that solves this problem by giving you maximum control over your physical data centers, including monitoring who opens your server doors, tracking how long he or she accessed them and remotely locking or unlocking server cabinet doors.

Rack Armor was honored by industry experts with an Honorable Mention award in the Best New Products in Access Control Hardware and Software category at ISC West 2014. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to assess your needs and bring Rack Armor’s award-winning features to your site, helping you secure your server racks and protect your data.