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PremiSys is an access control solution from IDenticard designed to make it easier than ever to manage and monitor facility access. Scalable to be used at facilities both large and small, PremiSys can be used to restrict or grant access to doors, lock down facilities with the press of a button and more.

With many different factors to consider, choosing the correct access control solution for your organization can be difficult. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to determine which access control and security solution best fits your needs, including a site security assessment and assistance with implementation. Our goal is to help make your facilities as secure as possible.


PremiSys ID is photo ID and badging software that can be combined with PremiSys access control for a number of helpful additional features. For example, when integrated with the access control system, cardholder photos can be displayed when a card is scanned. PremiSys ID adds functionality to the PremiSys mobile app as well, allowing users to take photos with a smartphone and use them to remotely print ID badges and cards to a networked printer.